Hills at Hotham

Regular riders may have noticed that our Ride Coordinator Dave S. has been absent from some regular rides lately.  He’s been sharing time between Geelong and Mount Hotham (working on maintenance in a ski lodge of which he’s a member) but is finding time to ride.

Dave tells me that he’s added another stamp to the ‘Seven Hills’ passport – “It was a great day up here today, sunny, not too hot, not too much wind (just enough to keep the flies away :-).   I managed to get another stamp in my 7 peaks passport, I rode Hotham->Dinner Plain->Omeo then back up to Dinner Plain to get my stamp and then further on to Hotham to the lodge. Around 100km all in, my legs are a bit tired tonight!   Tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) forecast is a bit sketchy, windy and warm so I’m planning on just doing some local riding on the fatbike. ”

The attached photo was taken on Tuesday’s ride.  Dave’s report of that ride.

Nice up here today. A bit of wind in the morning but it calmed in the afternoon…  I found a very good 4-WD track from Dinner Plain today so rode a few kms on the fatbike. Some of it was too rocky and steep to ride but it was mostly OK.


Who needs gravel?


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