Joint Ride to Lara: Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Despite enduring a night when the mercury lingered above 30C, fourteen hardy cyclists rode to Lara via Hovells Creek.  There were 9 from GTC, led by Peter, and 5 from Cycling Geelong.  Helen led the ride.

The wind was blustery and hot from the west for most of the ride – turning somewhat south west by the end, though the temperature remained over 30.  Quite a few riders opted for cool drinks rather than coffee at Millars Restaurant, which was blissfully cool.

The ride was pretty incident free with one puncture (lots of glass on the route at various points) and a group of faster riders spending quite a long time waiting under the shade of trees at several points along the way.

Thanks again to all riders for a most enjoyable joint ride – certainly a very hot start to joint rides in 2017.  Helen’s bike computer thermometer registered 49 in the sun when she resumed riding after coffee!

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