Barwon River Circuit in reverse – farewell to 2016: Saturday, December 31st 2016

Doug led 28 (more or less) riders on the final river ride for the year.  The object of the reverse direction was to give cyclists the opportunity to review the year past.  It also allowed many people to see new views of this beautiful ride: quite a few were also caught out with the different gradient on some of the rises.

Not far from the start the group passed a serious group of male cyclists going in the opposite direction. The usual cheerful greetings were exchanged, including “Wow!  King of the Mountains” to one rider sporting a polka dot jersey.  A little further on, said ride caught up with the group, and stopped the heckler.  Yes!  He had earned the jersey with a ride to the top of Alpe D’Huez on a cycling holiday.  Congratulations, Chester.  Wednesday riders occasionally meet this group of regular local riders who tour far and wide with with bikes in tow.

The highlight of this ride was Doug’s mellifluous rendering of New Year and cycling related poetry – some quite philosophical.  How will he cap this in 2017?

The importance of good communication became clear when, after asking our designated sweeper, Geoff, to let the leader know that three riders had detoured at Fyansford the message was only partially understood, leading to a wait for the coffee-starved cyclists.  (The whole ride needed to be accomplished before the cyclists retraced the first kilometer of so to Barwon Edge.)

It was good to see quite a few visitors – including family members celebrating New Year with their relatives.  At Barwon Edge the group were met by Heather and David and Marylin (David has a torn Achilles tendon – not from cycling, and is wearing a moon boot).  Lots more reminiscences were exchanged.

Thanks Doug, for a wonderful ride to end 2016.  Happy New Year, everyone.


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