Joint ride to Lara – Sunday 13th November, 2016

Thanks to Chris H. from GTC who led this ride, and wrote the report, and to John H for photographs.

A true test of character with today’s weather outlook promising fierce winds, rain showers and a return to winter temperatures. Five riders met for the regular combined ride – John H piloting the “Grasshopper”, Mike, Rolf and myself representing GTCC and John M the solo Cycling Geelong rep. All agreed a safe ride on the Hume and Hovell Trail to Lara and coffee at Millars was the best plan, considering the northwesterly winds. A bit of a slog into the wind saw Rolf depart early for a hot bath or something to calm his nerves after yesterday’s excitement.

An uneventful trip to MIllars, a hot coffee and some yummy scones were just what we needed. No such luck on the way home. Somehow we managed to lose John M in the wilds of Lara. Apparently he lost sight of us and turned the wrong way – very poor leadership on my part. But worse was still to come when we happened upon road works on Canterbury Rd and had to find an alternate route through the back streets. Fortunately we managed to thread our way back to the Hume and Hovell to find John M waiting patiently for us. A wind assisted trip back to Rippleside got us back before the rain clouds arrived. Most enjoyable – thanks for the company.
Chris H.

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