Inaugural Mid week social ride – 10 Nov 2016

Next weekend (Nov 19/20) we celebrate Bicycle’s 150th Birthday with lots of activities – see details including Rod Charles ride on Saturday 1pm:

But on Thursday this week we had even bigger event – our club’s first ever mid week social ride. We waited 15 years and it finally happened. Don’t worry if you missed it because it’s on next Thursday morning and every Thursday morning after that.

Woke up at 5am and went outside. I was hoping for fine warm weather but it was cool and sky was overcast. On my way to start of Bellarine Rail Trail, I rode past Rippleside car park and was swooped on by a magpie (thought they had finished nesting!). Felt few rain drops as I arrived at start of Bellarine Rail Trail just before 9am. Our “official photographer” for the ride and Membership Secretary Tina Gordon also arrived along with 9 other riders: Joy, Coralie, Kevin, Stephanie and Geoff, George, me, Alex, and our leader Dave Simpson. Great to see Coralie back whose been riding mainly around Melbourne I believe.

We rode along the Rail Trail to Drysdale. Coralie was the first to reach Cafe Zoo followed by myself and Alex. Thinking I was well prepared I told Coralie, coffee was at the new cafe Ground Zero. So I took her and Alex to Ground Zero and waited 10 minutes. I assumed the rest of the group was delayed may be by a puncture so I rang Dave and he told me they’re all at Cafe Zoo – my mistake. At least Coralie and Alex now know where ground Zero is. After long coffee and cakes the weather improved and became a perfect warm spring day for our return trip back on the trail.

Long standing members of our club probably realise this is the Trish McKenzie ride. Because she led so many great rides to Drysdale over the years we decided to make it a permanent fixture in our calendar. So every Thursday morning we’ll do 40km easy social ride to Drysdale; starting from Bellarine Rail Trail, corner of Carr Street and Breakwater Rd.

Thanks to our Ride Co-coordinator Dave Simpson for organizing and leading the ride. See you next Thursday.

John M


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