Around the Bay in a Day 5: Driving the sag wagon

Thanks to Sandra for this report.

David and I volunteered in the Sag wagon on the Geelong/Bellarine section, which took in Queenscliffe and Portarlington Roads.

We had a busy morning, picking up quite a few riders, just after we started our shift we were sent to collect three riders from Little River and Lara, when we arrived at Little river, no sign of our riders, they were obviously collected by someone else.   However, still at Little River we came across a group of riders sitting at the side of the freeway who had been involved in an accident due to the ferocious winds, one of the riders came with us in the sag wagon with a bleeding knee and a cracked frame on his lovely carbon race bike, he was not happy as he said he had been training for three months!

Another rider we picked up had four punctures between the start of the race and Lara, and declared he had enough!

One rider was cold and exhausted at Drysdale, and a few others had mechanical problems.

Although we were volunteers, it was a big responsibility, but it was worth all the effort to hear the grateful thanks from the riders.

Considering the atrocious winds, I think it was one day we both quite happy not to ride!


This is not a true image of Sandra and David's vehicle.   Image from Pinterest

This is not a true image of Sandra and David’s vehicle. Image from Pinterest


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