Around the Bay in a Day 3: more reflections from St Leonards

Thanks to Rod Charles for this perspective on the big day.

Thanks also to Tina for the photos attached.  (Tina and Robert were team leaders for our Cycling Geelong 250km circuit + Leopold Rest Area team).

Heather had dressed in a multicoloured tu-tu with a lovely pork pie hat decorated with a gay scarf. But all is not like it was the day before with sun and mildness.  She was then layered with warm attire.  The day was chilly.  I wore my rain coat with hood tightened at the throat all day as we were buffeted by constant high winds blowing over the water at the St Leonards Pier and pub.  So it was Heather and I that I will remember on this day this year.  The riders reached us with a tail wind but on the way home well after finish I met two young Chinese girls walking into Portarlington. This was a day for only the hardy. But next year is on the way.  All is never lost on the cyclists calendar.


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