Around the Bay in a Day 1 – Blown away in St Leonards (a marshal’s perspective)

Thanks to Heather for this report…  and also for braving the appalling weather so that others could meet their personal challenge of riding.

Maria came to visit us at St Leonards and was blown to her knees as she took a photo of waves breaking over the jetty:  I was stopped in my tracks by gusts, the sag wagon just drove past the rider waiting with us and Bicycle Network had no idea where their sags were, plus the young cyclist had over 2 hours wait and no suitable clothing with him.   Rod was, as usual a great companion, motorists were good, and many riders commented on my tutu.   The sand & grit was bad, and I had 4 layers on & was still chilled.  The rider with the cargobike got my vote for most awkward bike to ride ATB on.
Editor’s request … Did anyone take a photo of Heather’s tutu?  It will be an overnight sensation.

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