Joint Ride with Geelong Touring Cyclists – Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Thanks to Chris Halpin, who led the ride on behalf of Geelong Touring Cyclists.

GTC’s Mark, Chris Hume, Ross, Vicky myself and Ian joined Doug and David from Cycling Geelong at South Geelong Station. Several other riders were lurking in the car park but couldn’t be enticed to join us. We analysed the options for a safe ride to Ocean Grove and decided on Surf Coast Hwy to McCann’s Rd, Horseshoe Bend, Blackgate and a wonderful wind assisted sail along Thirteen Beach Rd. Chris Hume bailed out early claiming exhaustion from Saturday’s ride. Coffees and cakes at Groove in the sunshine were gratefully and noisily gobbled. Ross headed home from Groove. Our return was via Wallington thru to Portarlington Rd to avoid the worst roadworks.
A very enjoyable and safe ride.
Cheers, Chris Halpin.Photo:  Chris Halpin (with some Photoshopping from John Hagan).

Editor’s note:  Just why would Vic Roads schedule road works on all our major highways just when Horseshoe Bend Road is closed for months?

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