Geelong to Melbourne off road bike path two steps closer

The new Western Distributor project won’t just be a ‘super freeway’ for mammoth trucks, it includes two upgrades to the off road cycle route from Werribee to Melbourne.

The first links the Federation Trail to the Bay West Trail at Hyde Street.

Fed Trail to Hyde St 320

Artist’s impression of the new section of the Federation Trail

Click the picture for more information.

The second is a new cycle path along Footscray Road from Shepherd’s Bridge over the Maribyrnong River to Docklands.   There is grade separation for the entire route, allowing for a smooth flow of traffic with no lights or intersections.

Click map for more details

Click map for more details

The next step is to finally provide that off-road link from Werribee to Geelong – promised and started when the Geelong – Melbourne Road was upgraded to 3 lanes each way, but never realised.  Imagine riding all the way to Melbourne (a flat journey of around 75km) on an off road bike path.


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