Lara via Little River – Joint ride with GTC: Sunday, July 10, 2016

The forecast was terrible for this morning’s joint ride for Cycling Geelong and Geelong Touring Cyclists.  Gale force northerlies with rain by lunchtime were predicted.  However, conditions were calm and cold when the five cyclists – Pam, Rolf and John (GTC) and Karen and Helen (CG) met at Rippleside.  Despite the Tour leading to lack of sleep, the ride set off at a fair pace to Little River via Hovells Creek Path and the old Melbourne Road.  (John had taped Stage 8 of the Tour, so discussion stayed away from the results.)  The wind and rain stayed away, so conditions were perfect, with light traffic and a good surface.  From Little River route turned west and south back to Lara via Branch Road and Flinders Avenue (note to self – must find a better turn next time, as this is a very busy intersection on weekends).  Millars was the destination for coffee.  This most successful cafe was full – the riders kept the cold weather clothes on and sat outside as the breeze intensified.  It was still only 10C – and felt a lot colder.

Rolf, who’d managed to keep down to the steady pace dictated by ride leader, Helen, decided to take off back to Geelong at a more Tour-ish pace via Hovells Creek.  The remaining riders set off to the Ted Wilson path and on the Church Street, with Karen leaving the others at the path entrance on Bacchus Marsh Road.  The Ted Wilson Trail is a gem – good surface, minimal traffic and, by this stage, a gentle tail wind leading to a fast return.  Pam and John set off for Leopold and Belmont respectively at Church Street.  Helen returned to Rippleside with a total of around 70 kilometers.  The rain stayed away for the entire ride.  The only thing missing – some more cyclists.  Where were you?

Thanks to all our cyclists.  Remember – it’s better to turn the pedals yourself than watch others doing so – no matter how fast the vicarious descent in the Pyrenees.

Thanks to John for the photos.160710 Joint ride to lara via Little RiverLeader’s note:  This is the first longer Cycling Geelong ride for ages where the gender balance favoured females!

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