Barwon River Circuit: Saturday 25th June, 2016

Rod took over ride leadership at short notice and did an impeccable job – even making a point of welcoming each rider as they entered the path to the Barwon Edge for coffee.  Despite a very cold morning (2C) nineteen riders enjoyed the ride.  After yesterday’s frigid and stormy conditions, there is a patch of deep mire on the Belmont side of the path, between Princes and Queens Park Bridges.  One cyclist commented that Helen, with her small wheels and stature, might disappear.  However, all was well – nineteen riders completed the circuit (though not all could stay for coffee).

Note:  Helen’s ride included a puncture on the way home (luckily at the top, rather than half way up, Hyland Street).  As usual, broken glass was the culprit.  The bike also needed a thorough cleaning and revealed its raspberry colour from under its coat of dun-coloured mire.  There were two other small wheeled bikes on the ride.  Carolyn is now riding a beautiful folding e-bike – the perfect thing for caravan holidays.  Rod was riding the architecturally perfect Moulton.

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