Lara via Sutherlands Creek and You Yangs

Allan Marshall led this ride- conditions were perfect, cold start, windless and six enthusiastic cyclists – Allan, Rick, Kelly, Neville, Russell and Helen.

It’s good to ride with someone who knows all the back ways to go places.  If you’re riding to the north, Allan is unsurpassed for this.  The riders headed west from Leisurelink in Anakie Road, under a tunnel (seemed more like a drain) under the Ballarat railway line, then ascended through a maze of paths and streets to finally come out at Rollins Road.  Creamery Road was quiet, as was Anakie Road this early on Sunday morning.  On the first sweeping downhill on Stieglitz Road Allan showed off the fearless ascent skills of his racing youth.

One positive feature of this ride for Helen was that, while the ‘Tuesday Boys’ are fast riders of the highway to Werribee, they rarely complete hilly rides.  Allan’s course was a challenge.   Despite his sore knees, Kelly once more shone on the ascents.  Some very slow speeds were achieved by the others on the short steep ascent of Robbs Road, but the group made up for this with the long ascent on Staceys Road.  That was the end of the hills.

After the gentle climb on Forest Road to the You Yangs, coffee was calling so the group high-tailed it back down Flinders Avenue to Rob’s Bakery.  (There was a little issue with quality control here – hot seemed to mean lukewarm, bottomless mugs seemed less than full!)

The return was via Elcho Road, Bacchus Marsh Road, Ted Wilson Trail, Pioneer Road, Matthews Road and Anakie Road.

Thanks to Allan for leading the ride, and to all the riders for a congenial morning’s cycling.

Allan arrived home in time for his roast dinner!

160619 allan's rideClick the map for details. 

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