Cycling in France: A day out in Burgundy with Nancy and David

Thanks to Nancy Jones for this report.  (BYO puncture kit!)

As most of you know we are in France and heading to Italy to meet up with the Australian Garden History Society. This is our ‘experience’ of a day cycling the Burgundy Canal out of Dijon.

We couldn’t start our ride until 10am as that is when the  Cycle Hire opens. However the bikes only cost €3 as they are part of the local bus company system. They were step through town bikes with 3 hub gears and a front basket. All very fine for a sealed flat ride. So, with a baguette for lunch we set off in fine weather, a few fluffy clouds in the distance.

Thirty minutes down the trail thundery black clouds rolled in, with lightning flashing so we sought shelter for 2 hours in a ‘pub’ in a small village as the storm rolled around.  Eventually the weather cleared enough for us to make a very hasty retreat back to  Dijon.  the storm still threatening, David said he had never seen me pedal so fast!  Especially as a lady told us storms in this area were very dangerous.

All went well until David had a puncture 1km from home, caused by a drawing pin!  (Yes it happens here as well)  So the ride turned into a walk as we had no way of fixing the tube.

To finish the story, David had to pay €5 on returning the bike with a puncture!

Fellow cyclists

Nancy and David. Hope all are well.Cycling in burgundy

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