Moriac: Sunday May 22nd, 2016

This is what leadership is all about…

We all like event-free riding…  No close calls with cars or touching wheels, no raging winds or torrents of rain.  Sometimes things just happen.  This is when the support of your ride leader is vital.

This morning, Rick had an altercation with a bollard which intentionally jumped out into his path as he crossed the bridge over Waurn Ponds Creek.  Rick came off worse, though, being Rick, he jumped up and was ready to ride on, despite having had a nasty collision.  Ride leader, David, made the correct decision.  He would take Rick and his less injured bicycle home by car.  Luckily, David lives close to Waurn Ponds Creek, so his car wasn’t far away.  David not only drove Rick home, but took Rick and Wendy to their doctor.  He was checked out, with a diagnosis of internal bruising.  He’s OK, but in quite a bit of discomfort.

Luckily, Karen and Helen, who were behind Rick on the path, were able to avoid the collision.  David Jones then took the lead with Colleen, and the eight remaining riders headed for the original destination – Moriac.  As the riders waited to turn right into Heyers Road from a side street, a ute behind tooted angrily, before turning right and parking in the bike lane, ready to harangue the group.  He promptly drove off when he saw us taking his picture.

Kelly, as usual, shepherded the slower riders, making sure everyone had a pleasant ride at a moderate speed.  Alex showed his fearlessness with a very fast descent of Cape Otway Road, with Russ, Neville and Kelly.  Coffee at the General Store was excellent as usual.  The store has been sold – let’s hope the new owners are as hospitable to cyclists as the old.

The return ride was uneventful.  Congratulations to Colleen for, once again, stepping outside her comfort zone to do a harder ride, in new territory.  The Cycling Geelong Citizenship Award goes, of course, to David Fisher, for stepping up to a tough leadership decision.

160522 MoriacClick the map to see details.

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