Stolen bike: Keep your eyes open

A GT Transeo ladies hybrid bike was stolen from a house in Geelong West on Monday night.   It’s similar to the one below, white with aqua trim and had disc brakes.  When stolen it had a front and rear lights, full mudguards and a rear rack, Lezyne pump, white bike computer, as well as a saddle bag.  If you see this around Geelong, please take a photo of bike and rider (if possible).   Let us know where and when and we’ll follow it up and pass on the information to the police.

If you live in the Geelong West area be extra vigilant of your own bikes.  This one was locked inside a locked back yard with high fences.  The thief used bolt cutters to gain access an steal the bike.

2010 GT Transeo women's womens Transeo 2.0 V-brake Ladies White International

2010 GT Transeo women’s womens Transeo 2.0 V-brake Ladies White International


1 thought on “Stolen bike: Keep your eyes open

  1. Probably sold on for drug money. I need not mention these obvious places to check; but good to have a reminder to look in all online sales on social media, cash converter type shops, bike service shops and all so ask at bike shops if anyone has offered a similar bike as a trade in, the latter being easy to do over the phone. The worrying aspect is how did they know it was in the shed, sometimes those who live closest have the best knowledge.
    I also keep mine in a locked garage and keep the bike locked and remove the most expensive part the battery. Even then it is over 20kg so not a particularly easy thing to carry for some distance.
    The often mentioned methods of deterring the thieving scum is cover the bike with stickers, making it more distinctive, plus some camouflage rust, which makes it all too much works for them to remove for a quick sale and they move onto another “clean” bike. I have also heard of riders taking the post and seat with them in their backpack. The difficulty with downgrading the look of your bike is most of us value the look of the bike with clean lines.
    I read somewhere a common thing thieves claim if confronted by police as they hacksaw away at the cable/chain is “It’s OK it is my bike I just left the lock keys at home”.

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