Mount Beauty’s beaut for a cycling holiday

Thanks to Stephanie for this report about a celebratory short break to mark Geoff’s reaching 70!

The long steep climb from Mt. Beauty to Falls Creek, 1164 metres was Geoff’s Birthday Challenge. He rode at a SLOW consistant & steady pace, with only 2 stops for food and water.  He had to ” dig deep” for 10 of the 16  kilometres until the predicted rain & cold at 700 metres set in earlier than expected even though we left Mt. Beauty early in the day.  This was 12 -13 kilometres from the top of Falls Creek!  His legs were tired  from spinning  but he had the stamina to ride for another 4-5 kms.  He wasn’t exhausted from being on his old mountain but light mountain bike.

He was thrilled and delighted with his achievement considering the only training was “Around The River “.  Realistically reaching the top of Falls Creek was a very tall order on the day.

Before heading to Wangaratta we rode to Lake Buffalo and back  about 44 kms from Myrtleford.

In Wangaratta we caught up with friends & stayed a few days taking the opportunity to ride to Everton & back on the Rail Trail, once again in perfect weather. Neither of us get punctures but had TWO whilst away.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Social Night on the 17th May.

Enjoy riding in this beautiful weather.

Editor’s comment:  Bravo Geoff.  A mammoth challenge for the beginning of your eighth decade.

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