Mountain to Mouth Geelong, May 2016: there’s only one way to ride your bike!

Mountain to Mouth 2016 is on May 7 & 8

M~M cycling vollies banner

Mountain to Mouth is a WALK.  You can’t participate as a cyclist.  But there’s a catch…


We’re looking for cycling marshals to ride the event stages.  So if, like me, you prefer to sit down for your exercise and fresh air, you can still participate, while helping others.

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The role of Cycling Marshals is:

  1. Ride in front or, or behind, the walk procession.
  2.  Help keep walkers on the correct route.
  3. Give encouragement.
  4. Provide feedback to event organisers where needed (e.g. call a support bus if walkers are finding the going tough).

What are needed:

  1.  Confident, enthusiastic, adult cyclists who enjoy interacting with people.
  2.  Riders who can ride slowly!  It’s a fast walk for participants, but a very slow ride.
  3. People who are prepared to give at at least 2 hours time to cycle one or more of the route stages of the event.

2016 m~m_flags bannerAbout the event:

Mountain to Mouth (M~M) is an award-winning arts event run every two years in the Geelong region.  Walkers walk an 80km route from the You Yangs to Barwon Heads over a 24 hour period.  The walk is in 11 stages.  Participants choose which stages they would like to walk (with many attempting the whole 80km).  At the start and end of the ride, and at the end of each stage, are arts installations and performances.  These are coordinated by lead artists who enlist a large number of community artists and community members to ensure each site is vibrant, exciting and thought-provoking.  The event is an initiative of the City of Greater Geelong Arts and Culture Department, under the artistic direction of Meme McDonald.

There is an overnight pause in Geelong.  The walk arrives in Geelong during Geelong After Dark, another high profile arts event.  (Event schedule below.)

How do I get involved?

You need to register as a volunteer on the M~M event website to be a Cycling MarshalOn the site, cycling marshals volunteer as ‘Walker Monitors’.

Ideally we need around 20 volunteers, to participate as cycling marshals, and enjoy the event.



  1. There are some night or dusk stages.  The procession of walkers is lit by torches and lanterns – an amazing site, especially as the procession winds its way along the bay past northern industries on day1, and as it crosses the Barwon Heads Bridge in the final stage.  Cycling Marshals will need lights for these stages.
  2. There are food and water available at the route stopping places.
  3. It is possible to participate in some stages as a registered walker, and to volunteer as a Cycling Marshal for another stage.

For more event details please see the event website.  For more information about riding as a Cycling Marshal, contact Helen Lyth (Cycling Geelong), phone 5278 6058.  To register as a cycling marshal go to the M~M volunteer page.

2016 M~M canoe carriers

Scheduled times for the event.

M~M2016 Stage Distances and Times
1:30 p.m. YOU YANGS 3:50 p.m. LARA RSL 11:52 km 2h 20min
4:05 p.m. LARA RSL 5:25 p.m. LIMEBURNER’S LAGOON 6.3 km 1hr 15min
5:40 p.m. LIMEBURNER’S LAGOON 6:40 p.m. MOORPANYAL PARK 4.8 km 1hr
6:55 p.m. MOORPANYAL PARK 8:20 p.m. STEAMPACKET GARDENS 6.7 km 1hr 25min

Rowing Precinct

2.9 km 35min
6:50 a.m. BARWON RIVER

Rowing Precinct

9.00 a.m. CHRISTIES ROAD 10.6 km 2hr 10min
9:15 a.m. CHRISTIES ROAD 10:45 a.m. DRYSDALE STATION 7.6 km 1hr 30min
11.00 a.m. DRYSDALE STATION 1:45 p.m. SWAN BAY – MFDC 13.9 km 2hr 45min
2.00 p.m. SWAN BAY – MFDC 2:35 p.m. POINT LONSDALE VILLAGE 2.8 km 35min
2:50 p.m. POINT LONSDALE VILLAGE 5:10 p.m. OCEAN GROVE SLSC 8.5 km *2h 5min
5:25 p.m. OCEAN GROVE SLSC 5:55 p.m. BARWON HEADS RIVER 3 km 35min



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