Barwon River Circuit – Saturday, March 26th, 2016

Laura led this ride of about 25 participants.  For the Easter holiday weekend, Laura had brought along a large bag of mini eggs and lollies so no one got even slightly tired.

The snakes weren’t only in Laura’s lolly bag.  Riders were warned that the normal path onto the trail was hazardous due to a lethargic tiger snake about a metre off the path.  The snake wasn’t going anywhere – the cool Autumn morning meant it hadn’t enough energy to move, even when a silly walker prodded it with a stick.  160326 River Circuit - Laura_0109acr editHowever, only a very short detour was needed.  Several riders joined in at the Breakwater before the group meandered their way around the Belmont-Highton side of the course, and over the bridges at Fyansford, where Alex did a detour via Lower Paper Mills Road.

This ride shows that you’re never too old or too young to enjoy cycling.  Russ had brought his son and grandson along, and the group was once again joined by Vic, an ex-racing cyclist of 82.

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