Barwon River Ride: Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Tina was ride leader.  With Pako Festa and other events, there were fewer riders this morning – with only eight making up the pedalton.  Tina led David F, Roger, Tim, John (visitor), Alex and Helen from Balyang, with Doug joining the ride near the rowing precinct, and Heather a little later on the Belmont side near the Princes Bridge.

There was lots of action once again around the boat sheds with a schoolgirls’ rowing regatta – the usual mix of excited giggling walkers, rowers doing  warm up runs, and kamikase pedallers more intent on their mates on the water than the path ahead.  Even taking the route around the back of the rowing sheds takes care and patience, with manouvring cars and trailers and running and cycling school girls.  Tina led the group through with great care.

Mostly the river path was quiet, and a good pace was maintained to the usual stop at Queen’s Park.  The action was on the bridge – no one could cross (except cyclists and walkers) as the motor lane was blocked by an upturned vehicle with severely crushed cabin. We hope that the driver escaped – there was no sign of panic among the police and ambulance officers attending.  (Report – K Rock website

The vehicle was still there as the group passed again on the Newtown side, though the emergency vehicles had mainly left the scene.

160227 River Ride Tina 010 (When I passed once again after coffee, the car was gone, and two people with a truck were sweeping the carriageway – sending the glass to the bike path below. HL)

It was good to hear of John’s caravanning life-style as he and Carla share the retiree’s nomadic life crisscrossing the country in a years’ long adventure.  It was also good to have Heather able to join the river ride with the club, with a rare Saturday off from The Bicycle Show.

Thanks to Tina who led the ride, and to all riders.

Editor’s note:  As I cycled back towards Fyansford after coffee, the paramedics were dealing with a second incident, near West Fyans Street.  A young person was unconscious on the side of the track, with a road bike lying nearby.  As the incident was clearly under control, and there was no need for my help, I cycled on.  The ride was incident free from our perspective, but, quite clearly, others weren’t so lucky.

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