Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under starts in Adelaide on Tuesday.  Geoff A has sent in this list of details so you can watch it on TV.

The Tour Down Under times on free TV  are

LIVE                                                                     HIGHLIGHTS

Sunday  17th   22.05 -23.30pm                                                                        Ch 9

Tues       19th   12.30pm -3.30pm                      23-       24.00  pm              CH 9

Wed       20th   12.30-3.30pm                            22.05 – 23.05  pm       GEM

Thurs       21st   12.30-3.30pm                              23.00   -24.00pm          CH 9

Friday       22nd   1pm -4pm                                   23.00-  24.00 pm            CH 9

Sat            23rd     11.30am  – 4pm                          23.00  –  24.00pm    GEM

Sunday       24th     1.30pm   -4.30pm                      23.00  – 24pm         CH 9

Go to for updates to these times and times for live streaming.

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