River Ride on Boxing Day: Saturday 26th December, 2015

Rain overnight heralded a wet morning, and much cooler than Christmas Day.  It was with relief on turning the corner to Balyang, that two cyclists were already waiting for the Saturday morning river ride – Sandra (ride leader) and John H (GTC’s morning ride was cancelled due to the rain).  Rod soon arrived and, on Doug’s suggestion, the river loop was begun in an anticlockwise direction.

The plan was to check out the new ‘Door Gallery Cafe‘ at the old paper mill at Fyansford.  The path was wet, but the rain had stopped.  One ominous sign was that the regular watering hole, Barwon Edge, was closed.  So was Door Gallery – put on hold for another time.

Never daunted, and with the weather improving the next place to try was the caravan park.  “Sure to be open,” we said.  John led us ‘stay on the upper path and turn right past the gum tree’.  We drew another blank – not a camper or car in sight outside the cafe.

Next John suggested the cafe near Faggs in Moorabool Street – likely to be open as there are Boxing Day sales right on site.  After a very quiet ride around the Breakwater, the group decided to try Little Creatures first.  There were no cars parked in Swanson Street, but, as we cycling through the buildings, music was audible.  The outside chairs were stacked against the sodden tables, and all looked quiet.  However, on further investigation – we were in luck.  Too wet to sit outside, coffees were drunk in the heat inside – table service, but no large sized coffees – a definite black mark from one cyclist.

After much discussion of photography and phone aps for cyclists the river loop was finally completed.  There’s still a bit of work to do on the Christmas paunch.  Thanks, Sandra, for being undaunted by the weather to lead this most enjoyable river circuit.

(There was not one dog off the leash, no rowers blocking the path, and we were the only cyclists this morning.)

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