Sunday Club Ride: Karndoor-Kara Track, 20/12/2015

Sunday club ride: Dec 20, 8.30am from Rippleside park – you can park your car there

  • Karndoor-Kara track ride – Easy 18km track; total distance 30km; slow / leasurely pace
  • Suitable for all bikes and all riders (age 7-99)
  • Leader: John
  • Milkshake/Ice coffee: at Eastern Beach at end of the ride
  • Temperature: when I rode the track this morning, it was mild with cool sea breeze; I’m expecting it to be even cooler tomorrow morning
  • new AborIginal  name
  • launched on Thu night (Dec 17) by the Vic Sports Minister John Eren and the City of Greater Geelong
    Minister didn’t turn up, local member Christine Couzens was there instead
  • 18km track all paved except 200m smooth gravel along side Aldi Supermarket
  • we’ll ride from Rippleside to start of trail (about 15 minutes)
  • track should take us about 1hr to 1.5 hour depending on speed
  • after trail, we’ll ride down to our Coffee stop
  • all flat and easy (anyone who can ride Sat morning river ride can do this)
  • shared bike/walking track away from road; we’ll only ride on open road to the start of track and to Coffee stop at end
  • the only hills are minor: 70m very steep hill at St Helens Boat pier – low gear or walk up
    50m medium hill up to Doug Merritt’s work depot
    50m low hill up to Margaret st overpass bridge
  • long gentle down hill run on Ted Wilson trail
  • all paved except 200m next to *** supermarket
  • Bay Trail and Ted Wilson trail are ok
  • there’s about 6 places on Cowie Creek trail with broken glass
  • Bay trail is completely deserted; I think only myself and perhaps Coralie use it; most cyclists use the road for quicker travel
  • We should be see few riders and few walkers/dogs on Ted Wilson trail
  • We may see few walkers on Cowie Creek trail
  • if you get too hot you can jump into Corio Bay or stock up with drinks and ice cream at *** supermarket.
See you tomorrow morning & safe riding, John Miro

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