Red Rock ride – Sunday 1st November – update

On November 1st, Allan is running his popular Red Rock ride.   There are two circuits available.  If you wish to attend, it is essential to contact Allan (see Members’ area for phone numbers).

The shorter ride is an easy 46km circuit.  Click the map below for a detailed view.

151101 Red Rock short

The second is a medium circuit of 72km.

151101 Red Rock long

Both rides travel through Beeac and the pretty villages of Warrion and Coragulac with a lunch stop at Cafe Rooke in Cororooke.

The longer circuit travels further north and west, taking in the village of Alvie, on the slopes of Red Rock, and the shores of Lake Corangamite.

With the exception of short sections on the Princess Highway (good sealed shoulders make for safe cycling), all roads are quiet.  All roads used are sealed.  (Last year we saw more bikes than cars, due to a bike race near Coragulac.)

Photos from the 2014 edition of Allan’s Red Rock Ride.


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