On Ya Bike 2 – Bellarine Rail Trail to Drysdale

Twenty-three riders appeared out of the mist to ride this morning’s ride on The Bellarine Rail Trail from the Geelong Showgrounds to Drysdale.  The fog made it chilly and may have put some people off, but, by Curlewis, the sun had appeared and the temperature rose.

Ride leader Doug Merritt started the ride with a little history of the rail line, including a personal account of riding a steam train to Queenscliff from Geelong many years ago.  He then read Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem – From a Railway Carriage – with the strong metre evocative of the sound of a steam train.

The riders enjoyed refreshments and sunshine at Cafe Zoo at Drysdale before the return journey, assisted by a bit of a tail wind, caffeine and a few nice downhill sections.

Thanks to ride leader Doug and Tim Warfe, who led the return ride ably.  Well done to all riders, especially Hermann who is returning to cycling after a break of some years.  Thanks also to our ‘official’ photographer, John Hagan, for these shots taken with the Go Pro.

It doesn’t happen by magic.  Today there were a big group of volunteers from The Friends of the Bellarine Railtrail working near Curlewis.  The beautification of the trail and the facilities on it are largely the work of this group of people.  Many thanks.

A volunteer watering recently planted trees near Curlewis Golf Club

A volunteer watering recently planted trees near Curlewis Golf Club

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