“Allan’s Goldfield’s Ride Weekend”

A great weekend had by all at Allan’s Goldfield’s Ride Weekend.

Four cars and a trailer departed on Friday 2nd of October from Allan’s house at approximately 2pm heading for Laneecorie Lakeside Park. Arriving at our destination at approximately 4:30pm we all settled into the very adequate accommodation that Allan kindly organised and set off for Newbridge Hotel for a spot of dinner.  Saturday Allan led us on a tour of Tarnagulla, admiring the churches, court house, police stables and other historical views before returning to the Laneecorie Lakeside Park for a barbecue.  The trailer was then packed up on Sunday with bikes in tow and we commuted to Maldon for a ride to Castlemaine.  Some of the attractions were the lookout with stunning views, the Information Centre and a tad of cycling around Castlemaine.  Allan’s knowledge of the towns was invaluable, Allan’s had put in alot of planning and work to make this weekend a success.


Tea at Newstead Hotel on Friday night. 


Our Accommodation 

Snaps from the Saturday Ride 

image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10

image11 image12 image13

The Courthouse 

image14 image15Police Bicycle

Snaps from Sunday’s Ride 

image16 image17  image18 Kilns 

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