Motorbikes now allowed to ‘lane filter’

It was announced yesterday that motorbikes may now ‘lane filter’ – that is, the can pass stationary and slow moving traffic between the lanes etc.  Specifically

The changes include permitted filtering:

  • between lanes or lines of traffic in the same direction
  • between lanes or lines of traffic and parked cars
  • for motorcycle licence holders (not learner permit holders)
  • at speeds up to 30km/h (penalties will apply for filtering in excess of 30km/h)
  • unless signed otherwise.

However, in response to many petitions from cyclists (including one from Cycling Geelong), rules to do with bike lanes and other special purpose lanes and bike boxes have not been changed.  This means that motorbikes are not allowed to travel in bicycle lanes, or wait in bicycle boxes.

Riding a motorbike in the bike lane is still not permitted in Victoria.


1 thought on “Motorbikes now allowed to ‘lane filter’

  1. I congratulate Cycling Geelong and all others who submitted their concerns re motorbikes and cycling lanes. However, the “give an inch take a mile” saying may eventually creep into play. I don’t relish the thought of asking the sergeant-at-arms of an outlaw motorcycle gang to move out of the bicycle lane. There is always the chance that it may end in tears. At least I can go faster than a motorbike when filtering 🙂

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