Where were you on Super Tuesday?

The statistics are in for Super Tuesday 2015*.  Yes, there are more people riding bikes in Geelong (up 9% on the 2014 bike count).

This year, the average number of cycling trips per hour per site (over the 2 hours from 7-9am) was 19 and was a 9% improvement over 2014.  This compares with Ballarat with 21 and Bendigo with 26 trips per hour.  There were 23 count sites in Greater Geelong.

For the first year, there was a breakdown by gender.  Geelong had 24% female riders, which is better than the overall average (23%) but less than in Canberra (30%) and City of Yarra (33%).  The ratio of female/male riders is a good indicator of the quality and safety on cycling infrastructure.

Download the fact sheet or the full report for Victoria from the Bicycle Network Super Tuesday page.

*SUPER TUESDAY is an annual count of cyclists during the morning peak period, undertaken on the first Tuesday of March.  The results help inform governments and councils of cycling movements, and also of the success of cycling infrastructure.

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