We’re buying more bikes but riding less…

A report from The Cycling Promotion Fund indicates that while almost 1.5 million new bikes were imported into Australia last year, the number of people riding is not increasing significantly.

Stephen Hodge, or the CPF believes this is due to a lack of commitment from governments to improve cycling infrastructure.

Cycle crash statistics show in 9 out of every 10 casualty crashes another vehicle was involved.  Only 1 in 66 casualty crashes involving a person riding a bicycle also involve a person walking.1

Four million Australians have cycled in the last year, 17.4% of the Australian population had ridden in the previous week, 24.3% had ridden in the previous month and 36.3% had ridden at least once in the previous year.2 *

Read the whole Cycling Promotion Fund report hereIMG_0268web.

1.  Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development – http://bitre.gov.au/publications/2015/is_071.aspx

2. Australian Bicycle Council – http://www.bicyclecouncil.com.au/publication/national-cycling-participation-survey

*Editor’s note:  The survey was a phone survey, interviewing almost 10,000 households nationally.  Of these, there were only around 500 households (representing around 1250 people) in Victoria.  The full survey results can be found at https://www.onlinepublications.austroads.com.au/items/AP-C91-15

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