You know you’re a cyclist when…

… you ride into the city to be guest on The Bicycle Show even though it’s blowing a gale, 6C and raining cats and dogs.  Then you decline all offers of lifts home in other people’s gas guzzlers.  Bravo Rod Charles, historian, writer and cyclist extraordinaire!

Rod’s appearance was the first of two appearances to discuss Volume 2 of A Whirr of Many Wheels: Cycling in Geelong.  This volume chronicles cycling as part of the social structure of Geelong from 1914 to 1945.

Sales were brisk.  Allan snaps up his copy.

Sales were brisk at the launch of A Whirr of Many Wheels.  Modern-day wheelman Allan Marshall snaps up his copy. 

150606 Rod's book launch mark 2_0257acr editweb

Rod Charles at the book launch on 7th June, 2015.

Watch out for podcasts of this and future episodes of The Bicycle Show when John gets them all set up on The Bicycle Show website.

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