Ted Wilson Memorial Ride: Sunday, July 5th

This is an annual ride led by Maree Burns.  Ted Wilson is remembered by the Ted Wilson Trail, which runs alongside the Geelong Ring Road.

Ted Wilson was an advocate for cycling throughout Australia, whose influence and enlightenment in provision of cycling infrastructure and education has driven innovation all over the world.   Ted was one of the driving forces to create Geelong’s original Bike Plan.  We still benefit from much of the infrastructure of this plan today.

The tradition has grown up that riders on this ride carry or wear a sprig of rosemary for remembrance.

Today’s ride skirted Corio Bay before crossing the Melbourne Road to the start of the Ted Wilson Trail at Broderick Road.  The eight riders (David F, Rod, Karen, Rosemary, Ric, Kelly, Helen and leader Maree) then road the first section of the path to Church Street, and then down to coffee at Soft in Minerva Road.  From there the circuit was completed down to the river and along the river path to the Swanston Street cycleway back to Corio Bay, returning to Rippleside Park at around 11:30am.

At Moorpanyul Park the riders came across a kayaking cyclist (covered up for the cold), with kayak festooned with fishing gear, and a purpose built canoe trailer for his power-assisted bike.

Not everyone was on bikes this sunny Sunday.  In Mackay Street, North Geelong, a convoy of Cortinas were parked at the Motor Museum.

IMG_7668_0445acr editweb

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