Bicycles for getting around in the workplace

epa04692708 (FILE) File picture dated 26 November 2013 shows Polish scientist, engineer, Andrzej Siemko riding a bike next to the LHC accelerator experiment (Large Hadron Collider) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in Meyrin near Geneva, Switzerland, as he and colleagues from Polandare taking part in the modernization of the accelerator. According to media reports on 05 April 2015, the LHC is due to reopen early April 2015 after two years shutdown for refurbishment and upgrades. CERN revealed that teams have been successfully testing the machine after some technical issues occurred on 21 March delayed its restart. The world most powerful accelerator will smash protons together with approximately the double of the energies reached in the past. Physicists believe that the particle collider will lead to revolutionary discoveries broadening our understanding of the universe and physics.  EPA/ADAM WARZAWA POLAND OUT

A Polish scientist uses his bike to get around the vast Hadron collider underneath the Swiss alps.

Do you, too, use your bike to get around at work? We know CoGG has a fleet of bikes for staff use, and that workers at Shell used to get around the refinery by bike.  The circular collider is so vast, the the tunnel hardly seems to curve at all.  The collider is 17 km in circumference and around 175 metres below France and Switzerland. The header image is a simulation of the Higgs boson (God) particle experiment.

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