Bendigo Tour: May 29-31, 2015

Report from Geoff Andrews

The weekend away in Bendigo was a wonderful success judging by the number of  emails we received  from riders saying how much they enjoyed it all.  A few members wrote and asked,  “When is the next week end away Geoff?

Thankfully those driving up Friday night arrived safe and sound and found the Caravan Park quite easily.  The  arranged impromptu happy hour  with drinks and nibbles on Friday night in Heather & Stella’s cabin was full of chatter, fun and laughter (thank you again).

We all got on so well it was if we had known each other for years and were longing to catch up. The newer members of the club were so easy to get along with, positive, fun and nice company. The pre-made dinners that everyone brought were delicious and satisfying.

Saturday we rode down to The Boardwalk Cafe for a coffee overlooking Lake Weeroona.  It was a pity the weather was cold – it is late May after all …otherwise sitting at tables outside in the Spring/Autumn air would have been magical.Coffee to get the group going to Axedale

bendigo may 030acr editwebAlong with Rod’s friends from Dunnolly 19 riders rode the O’Keefe Trail to Axedale in coolish, overcast weather without any hitches.  The lunch menu to choose from at the Tavern was extensive and  tasty for the price. We were all very hungry so  the amount of food ordered and eaten was the biggest I have seen on a bike ride!  The total distance out and back was 55 kms.bendigo may 033acr editweb

bendigo may 036acr editwebWe all enjoyed another happy hour before we all met  for dinner on Saturday night at the hotel opposite the caravan park.

A shorter ride was chosen on Sunday morning- Lake Weeroona to the Bendigo Pottery & return about 16 kms. Fortunately the drizzle stopped when we visit the lovely Botanical Gardens where the girls all sang along with the nursery rhymes.bendigo may 043acr editweb

Stephanie & I would like to thank everybody for making it a terrific  & successful week end

Warm wishes to all

Thanks for organising a great weekend.

Thanks for organising a great weekend.

Stephanie & Geoff

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