Did you count or were you among the counted? Super Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Yesterday was a special day in the cycling calendar.  The first Tuesday of every March is Super Tuesday.  On that day, all over Australia, between 7 and 9am at thousands of sites, cyclists are counted.  The chances are that if you were cycling in the Geelong area yesterday morning, somewhere along your path, you were noticed and added to the tally.

A number of our members took part in the count.  Rosemary was, as usual, in Geelong West. BikeCount3.3.15.JPG RESIZE

The enigma here is how she carried the chair!

Allan, Rick and Kelly were counting in the north of Geelong, where, increasingly, people are making use of cycling to commute to work and school.

Helen was in Geelong West, on the corner of Minerva Road and Aberdeen Street.  It was good to see an increasing number of children riding to school, with or without adult supervision.  They seemed confident, and most chose to ride on the footpath (legal for children under 12 and those escorting them).  This is a very busy intersection at peak hour.  As well as hundreds of cars, there were 55 buses (most between 8 and 9pm) and around 50 b-doubles and larger trucks.  The crossing supervisors did a brilliant job of keeping the school children safe.

The data from Super Tuesday is used by councils to help them decide where cycling infrastructure is needed, and also to see trends in cyclist numbers. This year, cyclists were counted by gender.  The number of female cyclists is considered an indicator of the success (or otherwise) of bicycle infrastructure.  It will be interesting to hear the ratio of men and women at our Geelong sites.

There’s a summary report for 2014 on the Bicycle Network’s Super Tuesday web page.  Keep an eye on this page for updates of the 2015 count.

Thanks to all of our volunteer counters.  Cycling Geelong receives a donation from Bicycle Network for each person who completes the bike count.

Volunteers, please let us know your rider numbers, and how many of the total were women.


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