Melbourne Ikea Ride – report by Sandra and John

Brief ride report, March 1, 2015. If you’re worried about getting your bike stolen, this is the lock for you (Pic 1) – seen on the Melbourne Yarra River Trail. 9 riders enjoyed Tricia and Shane’s Melbourne bike path ride with brunch at Ikea: Sandra, Val, David & Nancy, Doug, Russell, Tricia & Shane and me (John M). By the time I finished my swedish brunch at 11.20am and went to take a photo of the amazing breakfast menu ($3.95 for full breakfast) the efficient Swedes had already replaced the menu with the Lunch Menu (Pic 2). In my view this has to be the best ride of the year so far (of the rides I’ve been on). We rode along the Yarra Trail, Merri Creek Trail and the Capital City Trail in Melbourne. Hopefully someone else will write a proper ride report. Suffice to say there was a lot of eating, drinking for virtually nothing; lots of shopping (Doug) and riding along probably the most scenic bike path in Australia. Thank you Tricia and Shane.


Shane and Tricia’s Ikea Ride, Sun 1 March

As John said nine riders were on the Ikea Breakfast ride,  David and Nancy, Russell, John, Doug, Val (and myself ), this is not a full ride report, but this is my version.

We met at southern cross station just after 9am, did a short walk over the river bridge and cycled along southbank, luckily not too many people at that time, we followed the yarra river along the capital city trail towards Ikea at Richmond, where we all enjoyed an
amazingly cheap breakfast which was delicious.

What a delightful ride, the weather was gorgeous, and the scenery interesting and varied, leafy winding river trails, flat tracks and some small hilly sections, we travelled over old wooden bridges, crossing the river, merri creek crossing, down stairs, (thank you John for your help), through tunnels, up small hilly sections, past the Collingwood Children’s Farm, under more bridges, more bike trails, and finally back towards the city on the capital city trail again, about 30kms in total, easy enough for anyone to ride and thoroughly enjoyable, finally arriving back at Southern Cross just after 1pm.

The company was great with chatter, laughter, food, bikes, sunshine, perfect.

Thanks Shane and Tricia for a great day.





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