Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race: a volunteer’s perspective

Thanks to Joy Barnett for sending in this report.

CADEL EVANS GREAT OCEAN BIKE RIDE – what an exciting day on Sunday 1st February, 2015. I volunteered on the workforce and was placed at Eastern Beach where the Race started and finished. Many people from around Australia came to see Cadel ride his last race on his home ground, and one couple flew in Saturday from Perth, WA to see Cadel ride, and they caught the plane home Sunday night after the Race. Hence the excitement, buzz and anticipation of this race in Geelong and the Great Ocean Road to see and support Cadel in his retirement from racing.  Approximately there where 75,000 spectators, all very excited. The viewing of the large screen as we watched every part of the ride helped make us feel part of their journey 174 kls in drizzling rain.  I am so looking forward to this ride becoming an annual event and God willing would like to ride in the People’s short ride 65 ks next year!

Thank you Cadel, you gifted Geelong a World Class Event……………

Geelong, Melbourne? The race start of the Geelong waterfront

Joy Barnett

Thanks Joy for your report, and your support of this ride.  Without volunteers, it would be impossible to run major cycling events like this.

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