The Cadel Evans ride picnic – the real story

Peter & Swee Smith

David & Nancy in the rainwebThe photo is a wonderful symbol of the picnic.

When we suggested this picnic at Queens Park bridge we had in mind what it was like in the UCI – lot’s of people, lot’s of excitement, great sunshine and a great day.

This time wasn’t totally like that.

We made our way down from our house to the Zillah Crawcour Park in wintery conditions and wearing our ski coats. We dithered about looking fr a sheltered place for the picnic – all on our ownsome!!! Then other people like ourselves, of fabulous enthusiasm but doubtful sanity turned up. Finally there was Shane and Trish Balkin, Nancy and David Jones, and Linda Chitham. We huddled together for warmth and had our picnic in the drizzle. After lunch wiser souls appeared, such as Karen A, Colleen B, Geoff & Caroline – and then Helen Lyth returned from her ride that shadowed the race for a part of it.

We got value from the picnic through watching the race but there were philistines among us who muttered about television and warm lounge rooms.

But in the great spirit of all outdoor activity – we had a fun day and came home feeling virtuous.


150201 CEGORR men's queens parkweb04

Trailed by cameras on both sides – riders tackle Aphrasia Street.


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