Ride report from Stella Groves

Linton   to Skipton  and back:     28th December   2014

Congratulations to all the cyclists  who ventured on the  Sunday Ride! Yes, we all made it back (just to reassure a few members!)  and it was a great ride.


It was also probably the HOTTEST AND SLOWEST RIDE OF THE  YEAR!!!  but No complaints from any one,  AND YES IT WAS  HOT, AND A PUSH AT TIMES! But the beautiful clear scenery was so lovely, and the views to die for – but NO ONE DID!

We  started promptly at10:30 in Linton from the cycle rest stop with everyone enthusiastic  TO START.

Just to explain the numbers to Peter  and Doug,  24 signed in counting the 4 that went backwards (i.e. Skipton-Linton-Skipton)! Leaving 21  BUT  one person forgot to sign in and no saying who it was.

One person signed in twice  and one name was crossed off.  Work that out its better than the Sunday paper games !!!  It was noticed on the ride the figures didn’t match but I had all my trust in God (no I mean ROD!!) who  was an excellent whip and could never loose any one.  Thankyou – Rod.

The ride  was  on very good tracks – no problems  with  the surface. The Cafe at Skipton was friendly  and they said we could call in any time  when we return! (Good Sign)!

Thanks to Nancy for the cooling watermelon – we were all so pleased to see you Nancy holding the offering!

Thanks to everyone for an excellent team effort.

Linton-skipton map

Thanks to Stella for leading the ride – and helping organise the transport and logistics.  Well done to all!

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