Bellarine Rail Trail to Drysdale: November 30th, 2014

Ride report by Stella Groves, ride leader.

As most members would know the ride  to Skipton was cancelled due to hot weather so a ride to Drysdale was suggested.

Nine cyclists arrived  at 8:30 to enjoy the morning ride and, yes, the weather was perfect!  The starters were Stella (ride leader), David Fisher, Shane and Tricia, Rosemary, Sandra, Stephanie and Geoff and Helen.

It was a very good ride as the new tarmac from Portarlington Road (Curlewis) to Drysdale has been  recently been added.
What a smooth ride and how easy it was to glide along.  If you haven’t done this ride for a while,  I suggest you try it out.

A long coffee stop was made at the Zoo  and then when we started back Guess what?? Helen had a flat tyre !! but due to her mechanical skills the tyre stayed up all the way home.

Apart from seeing 1 snake  on the path, the ride was uneventful but very enjoyable and good company.

We arrived back in Geelong at 12 with the weather warming up very nicely!

Editor’s note:  Thanks to Stella for this report.  It was a delightful ride, with congenial people, and good coffee (despite a broken machine at Cafe Zoo).  Won’t it be wonderful when the missing link from Bellarine Highway to Melaluka Road is finally sealed?  Imagine the tourism boost when the whole trail is safe and sealed to Queenscliff.


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