Punctured enthusiasm

BikeRepairCartoonCfH1010I rarely get punctures but have now had several (5!!!) in the space of a couple of weeks.  The first was on the way home from a Wednesday ride.  Paul (always a gent) pumped enough air to get me home where I replaced the tube in the comfort of the garage.  BIKERIDELast week I was not so lucky.  The tyre was getting flat out near Lara, so I tried to pump it up.  Pump issues – the second time in a couple of months.  After changing the tube, I could only get a small amount of air into the tyre – enough to get me to the coffee shop.  (Coffee is a priority for the Lazy Cyclist!)

coffee-animation-finalThe station was nearby and, cursing not having my Myki, I decided to try that option.  As the train was almost an hour away, I had another try (finding a leaking seal in the pump) and managed to put enough air into the tyre by sealing the pump with my hand to get home.

Once again, I cursed the tight tyres – the new rims are slightly deeper than the last ones and I have great difficulty wrenching the tyre from the rims.  Once again, I thoroughly checked the tyre for glass and other embedded objects but found nothing.  Once again I replaced the tube.  bikefix-a-flat-cartoon1

For around 150 km it was plain sailing.  I had the bike serviced, mentioning the issue with punctures.  Simon and David, the trusty mechanics, also found nothing in the tyre.

On Friday morning (yesterday!) I planned a ride to Wallington and Drysdale… flat tyre again.  By this time, I’d changed the tube 4 times!  Every time I checked the tyre for embedded objects.  This time I found a tiny piece of wire on the outside of the tyre – and removed it.  Fixed the puncture – off again on the ride, hoping the problem was fixed.

This morning – flat again.  As I had a deadline, I jumped on another bike and made my rehearsal in time.  When I returned home, I once again removed the tyre (it’s looking a bit worn where I’ve woman-handled it off the rim).  This time I brought a magnifying glass to assist with finding the offending object.  Bingo!  A very small piece of fine gauge wire – only a couple of mm long – was the culprit.  After a couple of goes I managed to extricate the offender.  The tyre is once again back in place, fully pumped up and, hopefully, the bike will be ready to ride for Stella’s Drysdale romp tomorrow morning.

If you see me at 8:30AM – hopefully the problem is solved.  If not…

I’m off now to patch a couple of tubes…


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