While you’re sleeping – Barrabool Hill Classic

While you’re sleeping you missed one of the best ride of the year. 3 musketeers, myself John M, Mike C and Shane B tackled the annual Shane’s Barrabool Hill Classic this morning starting at 7.30am. I arrived back home for brunch at 11.10am after covering 78km. Surely this ride has to be reclassified as a UCI event next year. We had hills, hills and more hills in incredible beautiful weather, sunny, mild, and refreshing gentle breeze and not many cars. After every hill Shane chose for us we were rewarded with amazing long long magic downhill runs. It was a mystery ride so we can’t tell you where we went. It did include Hortips Rd and Pollocksford Rd and of course Barrabool Rd and hills. It was absolutely magic and made us realise once again how lucky we are. Mike and Shane was chased by a little Jack Russell Terrier cross for about 100 metres but I couldn’t get my phone camera out in time. Unfortunately we also met the man with the biggest bullbar in Australia – to keep cyclists off the road. Join us next year, it doesn’t cost $150, FREE to members of Cycling Geelong. Thanks Shane, Mike for great ride, great coffee, great company. John M

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