Jim Day Memorial Ride – Nov 2

5 musketeers rode the annual Jim Day Memorial Ride today: myself, David F, David J, Michael L and Mike C. We rode to Drysdale to have photo taken in front Jim Day’s plaque at the Drysdale railway station.

After coffee break at Cafe Zoo, David J had to head back home leaving 4 riders. We then rode partial Bellarine loop by going to Ocean Grove, stopping at the Dunes, Barwon Heads, 13th beach Rd, Bike path, Blackgate Rd, Horseshoe Bend Road. Strong crosswind as well some headwind all morning made it a tricky ride but we were rewarded with tailwind once we reached Horseshoe Bend Road – Thanks Jim – May the Wind be Always at Your Back.

Along the Grubb Rd to Ocean Grove, Michael picked up a very slow leaking puncture so we stopped several times to pump up his rear tyre. On Blackgate Rd we finally gave up and decided to put in a new tube. David F and I took such a long time changing Michael’s tube, Mike couldn’t wait any more and left us to go home. Down to 3 riders we rode along the Horseshoe Bend Rd until Michael became so tired he called Heather to come and pick him up from the Boundary Rd roundabout. So David and I rode the final stretch home with the wind at our back. 86km total when I got home. John M

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