On Ya Bike 3: Lazy Loop of Lara: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

What a grand morning for a bike ride with all Seniors invited!  The gathering place was Rippleside and slowly 28 riders appeared.   They came from wide and far some from Barwon Heads and one from Ballarat (we are becoming Known)!  A few riders wanted information about Cycling Geelong (which efficient Nancy has now sent off to them).

The ride was fairly easy and a moderate pace was maintained.   Some riders were introduced to Hovells Creek riding track for the first time  and were delighted and surprised.

Clear blue sky and calm blue sea greeted us.  Many black swans were floating on the peaceful sea quietly owning the bay!

The cyclists made a long impressive line as they rode along the small hills were easily managed by all and soon we were at the welcome coffee break.  We stopped at the large cafe in Lara in the shopping centre and they had kindly reserved our seats for 28 riders! Service was very quick and coffee and cakes delicious.

We returned via Forest road so making the lazy loop of Lara.  Once again we rode the Hovells Creek track route home .

We returned to Rippleside by 12.15 with all riders staying upright on their bikes and all safe and sound.   A good time had been had by all!

Thanks to John Hagen for the Photos and David once again for being the careful watch guard at the back

Stella Groves

Prologue – Just to mention – the week before had been a practice run to Lara with a friend.  Unfortunately a pedal fell off a bike and after many attempts it was  unable to be replaced.

A quick phone call was made to RACV Bike  Assist.     Within 10 minutes a very friendly helpful Iranian taxi driver arrived, loaded the pedalless bike in the taxi and whizzed both rider and bike back to Geelong !

This service is very efficient and if riding alone (in my opinion) is well worth investing in .

Editor’s note:  I too, needed to call Bike Assist recently when caught with a problem on the Midland Highway near Bannockburn.  Help was friendly and quick, and I was delivered to my door in plenty of time for an afternoon hospital appointment.

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