Support the Rory Wilson appeal

Rory Wilson is a local cyclist who has become paraplegic after a bike accident recently in Portarlington.  He is currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Royal Talbot in Melbourne.  As well as a cyclist, Rory is a loved and respected member of the local community, an ex-teacher and an active member of Bike Safe.

Well done to Glyn from Blue Fin in Ocean Grove for donating 10c from every coffee sold to the Rory Wilson Appeal. Glyn is also a cycling friend of Rory and Bike Safe member. Thanks also to all businesses supporting the Appeal!! 

So if you’re in need of a coffee in Ocean Grove, we recommend Blue Fin Cafe.

To find out how Rory’s faring, there is now a Facebook page

If you wish to make a personal donation to the Rory Wilson appeal to support Rory in the long road to recovery go to  Donations can be made by internet banking, cheque and online.

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