Historic bikes, historic bike route – vintage cyclists: Queenscliff-Point Lonsdale 27th April, 2014

Report from Ride Leader:  Rod Charles

Queenscliff at Easter, the perfect place and the perfect time of year. Cycling Geelong conducted a ride to participate in the National Trust’s Heritage Festival this year. Riding along the sea wall to Point Lonsdale was a perfect outing for the penny farthings and vintage machines attending. Joy Barnett and David Connolly, both with strong attachments to Queenscliff provided the historic commentary. A great day with the local market and an art show to visit at the end of the ride and exploration. We all slept well that night.

Editor’s aside:  It was a great ride – penny farthings, a three wheeler, lots of bike bling of yesteryear.  Thanks to Rod for organising this bumper ride.  I noted that we didn’t stop at the Queenscliff Fort.  This was not on the radar as, being built in 1860, it actually doesn’t exist – being built before 1869 – the year the world began (i.e. the year the first ‘bike as we know it’ was built and the first bike came to Geelong).  It was good to see a number our members riding small wheeled bikes from our members.

Riding at the back, it was amusing to see the number of motorists who clearly enjoyed the spectacle – taking time out from their usual rushing everywhere attitude.  Lots of phone cameras recorded the event.

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