Bannockburn via Sutherlands Creek – Joint ride with GTC: 13/4/14

Where were you?  I was the sole representative from Cycling Geelong on this 68km ride.  There was that sinking feeling at the start – the other starters were Greg A, Rolf (ex-olympian), Mark B, Marie B and John H – all fast.  As so often happens, I was to be the slowest and least competent rider.

John had chosen an interesting and enjoyable route – to Bannockburn via Steigliz Road and Parker Road (one of the most enjoyable downhill meanders in the district) then up the big hill from the Moorabool River on the Bannockburn-Maude Road.  The ride to Bannockburn was assisted by a strengthening south easterly.  Coffee was a good chance for those legs to recover before it was into the wind along first Burnside Road, then the Hamilton Highway.  Thanks to Rolf and Mark, Marie and John for drafting assistance!  (Greg, who tends the shop 6 days a week, was determined to ride at least 100km so forwent the coffee stop.)

At Fyansford, I left John and Marie (Rolf and Mark had long disappeared into the distance) and made my way slowly up Highland Street.  At least the steepness of the hill was protection from the easterly blow.  My ride was 68km – most enjoyable, but on the harder side for my ‘always ride today as if you’re going to do the same ride tomorrow’ philosophy.

Thanks to John and the GTC riders for making this a most enjoyable morning.

Map of my ride from Rippleside. 


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