Super Tuesday Bike Count

If you were riding between 7 and 9am on Tuesday, March 4th, it’s likely that you were counted in the Super Tuesdaybike count.   Karen, Rosemary, Trish M, Doug and Helen were at sites around the City of Greater Geelong.  Unfortunately, Max wasn’t able to count bikes on Barwon River Trail and Shannon Avenue roundabout due to ill health (he’s back on the bike now).

The day was perfect for cycling – though a bit foggy early.

Cyclists have the choice of a narrow, on road bike lane, or shared paths around the waterfront.

Cyclists have the choice of a narrow, on road bike lane, or shared paths around the waterfront.

A few statistics from our Cycling Geelong members (working from north to south).

2 cyclists were counted at the intersection of Station Lake Road and Waverley Road.  (Karen)  (Karen noted that this was due to Station Lake Road being closed while it was realigned for Lara’s new shopping centre.  Therefore, this was not a realistic count of cyclists riding in Lara.)

35 cyclists were counted at the roundabout near North Shore Station.  (Trish M)

34 cyclists rode through the Glenleith Avenue/Esplanade roundabout in Drumcondra (Rosemary).  (Rosemary noted that the count would not have included cyclists using the lower shared path which is most popular with recreational cyclists.  Most of the riders on the road were commuters.  Rosemary also noted that congestion at the roundabout caused cars to bank up.  The bike lane, however, is never congested.)

44 cyclists rode through the intersection of Moorabool Street with the Esplanade/Waterfront shared path.  (Helen L) There was a mixture of on and off road riders and an increase in the number of female riders this year.

Cyclists were counted at the intersection of the Bellarine Rail Trail and Boundary Road.  However, a number of cyclists who used Carr Street, adjacent to the Rail Trail, were not included in the count.

Photographs taken from the corner of Moorabool Street and The Esplanade.

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I run websites for The Choral Grapevine (a regional newsletter for choirs in Western Victoria and South-Eastern South Australia) and Cycling Geelong (a recreational cycling group). I am an artist and photographer, musician and recreational cyclist.

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