Pre-Christmas River Ride: Saturday, December 21st

The weekly Barwon River ride is always popular.  Last Saturday’s ride, despite the busy time of year, was no exception with sixteen riders.

To add to the festive nature of the season, thanks to Karen for bringing beautifully decorated gingerbread and shortbread to share at coffee time at the Barwon Edge.  Thanks also to leader John Miro, who is also our hard-working Ride Co-ordinator, and all other leaders of the Saturday Barwon River rides this year.

Based on a conservative estimate of ten cyclists on this ride each week, over the 52 weeks of 2013 there were:

  • 520 cyclists;
  • 10400 km cycled (on the river circuit);
  • at least 260 litres of coffee (or other beverages excluding H2O) consumed;
  • innumerable friendships made and maintained.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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About hlyth2013

I run websites for The Choral Grapevine (a regional newsletter for choirs in Western Victoria and South-Eastern South Australia) and Cycling Geelong (a recreational cycling group). I am an artist and photographer, musician and recreational cyclist.

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