The Barrabool Hills

131124 Shane's Barrabool Hills (2) web

Light drenching rain greeted cyclists attending Shane’s Barrabool Hills Classic ride.  Undaunted, five riders set off up Barrabool Road to Ceres, then across to Moriac via Devon and Hendy Main Roads.  John M’s new Garmin kept everyone informed of the vertical ascent distance (some found this rather more daunting than enlightening, knowing much more was to come).  Strong south-westerly winds made the hills difficult.

The rain stopped for the descent into Moriac and it stayed mainly fine for the rest of the ride.  After coffee at Moriac General Store the ride continued back to the western end of Barrabool Road, then up to the top of the Barrabool Hills at Gnarwarre before the cyclists descended to the Barwon River once more on Pollocksford Road.  Naturally, the only traffic was three fast four wheel drive vehicles right at the most treacherous turn, where cyclists are descending fast, the road is narrow and gravel patches cover the bitumen.  Luckily, the motorists were courteous and the riders continued safely to the Hamilton Highway before turning back towards Geelong.

However, the hills were not over.  Shane turned the ride back south along Merrawarp Road, into the strengthening headwind, and to Barrabool Road before turning east up the hill to Ceres.

As long as there’s a downhill at the end, cyclists are most forgiving.  Everyone agreed that, despite the wind, hills and rain, it was one of the best rides ever.  67km and over 600 metres of ascent according to John’s Garmin.  Shane's Barrabool Hills routeClick the map to view the route in more detail.  Note the 4 categorised climbs!

131124 Shane's Barrabool Hills (6)webCongratulations to John M who won his first race with The Geelong Cycling Club at Eastern Beach yesterday.  From last place on his first outing, John has continued to hone fitness and technique.  Yesterday’s win was the latest milestone.  We expect there will be many more.

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