Magpie Alert

Have you been swooped this year?

Many riders have.  It remains a mystery why magpies seem to have a special attraction to cyclists: sometimes particular people are targeted again and again.

Here are a few places where we know magpies are active this season:

  • Barwon River trail – Belmont side, near South Barwon Golf Course;
  • Barwon River trail – Highton side, near Queen’s Park Bridge;
  • Bacchus Marsh Road between Patoulis Road and Elcho Road;
  • Elcho Road near the golf course;
  • Ghazeepore Road near the intersection with Dickens Road.

If you have other places to add, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Eyes on the helmet sometimes help.  Tinsel does likewise (and has a festive aspect).  Cable ties work well for diffusing magpies’ attacks.  If all else fails, one Cycling Geelong member has home made ear protectors for that vicious magpie near Queen’s Park Bridge.

Other tips include keep calm and keep pedalling.  Waving an arm over your head seems to help.  If the attack is especially vicious you may need to dismount.  If possible, you may need to avoid the area until the magpie chicks are out of the nest.

Happy Cycling

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I run websites for The Choral Grapevine (a regional newsletter for choirs in Western Victoria and South-Eastern South Australia) and Cycling Geelong (a recreational cycling group). I am an artist and photographer, musician and recreational cyclist.

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